What is AirBitz?

 Airbitz  – (Single Sign On for Blockchain Applications)

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Review from theMerkle.com
Airbitz is one of the most popular mobile Bitcoin wallets in existence, and the developers have put in a lot of effort to ensure powerful features are available to its users. This is one of the nicest and most fun mobile Bitcoin wallets to try if you are an Android or iOS user.

With all of the mobile Bitcoin wallets available, it becomes quite hard for users to make an educated choice as to which one they should pick. Airbitz is one of the most preferred wallets among mobile users, as it packs a ton of features, and users will retain access to all wallet services even if the company servers are seized or went offline.

The Airbitz Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

Mobile Bitcoin wallets are designed to make the everyday life of Bitcoin users a lot easier. Both experienced and novice users will find plenty of features within the Airbitz wallet they can appreciate. For example, there is an entire directory with nearby locations where users can spend their Bitcoin directly, without using intermediary tools such as debit cards.

Moreover, Airbitz is on the same track as most other mobile wallets and puts the wallet in full control of their funds at all times. But the company takes one step further, as their users will always have access to the complete set of Airbitz wallet services when the company servers are not available. This is vastly different from any other mobile wallet provider in the world right now.
But that is not all, as the Airbitz wallet offers other interesting features as well. Users can buy discounted gift cards through the wallet application and even buy or sell Bitcoin directly if they link their bank account.  Moreover, Airbitz users hierarchical deterministic wallet functionality, which lets users change the address for every single transaction and provide some additional privacy.

To make the whole concept of using Bitcoin on a mobile device even more appealing, the Airbitz team has built in a feature to search transactions based on associated notes, payee, or category. This makes it incredibly easy for novice users to get a more detailed overview of how they perform within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

When users are looking for a mobile Bitcoin wallet, they want something that is compatible across multiple platforms. Airbitz is a wallet solution available on both Android and iOS, although there is no support for Windows Mobile or Blackberry at this time. However, the platform is open source, and anyone can add their own improvements to the code, should they desire to do so.
Website: Airbitz.co

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3 main methods of losing Bitcoin

  1. online hosted exchange are hacked
  2. people mess it up – they lose the private keys
  3. device ie phone is hacked


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