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Earn Dash through several means

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Elisha Owusu Founder/CEO Dash Times

Dash the alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin can be earned through several means.

Currently there are almost as many ways to earn Dash as there are to make money offline. This makes it kind of difficult to focus on the most secure, fun and profitable method of earning the digital currency which may lead you to try methods that waste your time or confuse you.

Because there are many different opportunities to earn Dash, this guide will not provide a comprehensive list of every site. Instead it will introduce you to 8 different strategies with links to some of the best sites and information on how to find more.

Earn Dash from Faucets
Faucets are site that pay small amount of Dash to you for usually completing a security check(Captcha) to prove you are a real human being. These sites earn money from ads placed on them since you would have to visit these sites between intervals to redeem your prize.

If you are looking for a very simple and quick way to get small amounts of Dash then faucets are the best choice. As you redeem your coins between intervals your balance builds up to a certain threshold before the coins are sent to your wallet to prevent you from losing as much to too many transaction fees.

Rewards differ from site to site so do intervals and thresholds. Apart from these differences using faucets is quite easy, you have to just provide your Dash address, complete a captcha and in some cases your email and you will earn some free coins on the go.

Faucets are fun, but you won’t earn very much Dash from them. Faucets are mainly for getting started and acquainted with cryptocurrencies. Here are some of the best Dash faucets:

Rena Faucet
Mundos Faucet

Dash Mining
Mining one of the most lucrative but expensive way to earn Dash. Though very profitable there is the problem of buying ASICs and paying huge bills monthly for electricity. Mining Dash as at now is still profitable as the process is as decentralized as you can get with the first ASICs being developed for it just this year(2016).

If you don’t want the running fans and all the noise then you could also mine online. Cloud mining has been around for some time, it quite simple you enter a contract with a company who has bought ASICs and is ready to pay for the costs that accompany mining to mine on your behalf and take a certain percentage of it to cover for the costs.

But you would have to be very careful if you want to go with the later because there have been instances where con artists have set up fake cloud mining sites just to take people’s money and disappear into thin air. Not only this, but due to the price of bitcoin it is difficult to get ROI from cloud mining. If you want to try out cloud mining, here is a list of some of the platforms you can trust that mine Dash:

Running a Dash Masternode
A masternode is a second tier network that gives owners the ability to participate in Dash governance. They also secure the network and provide the anonymity and instant transaction features of the dash network. For this they are rewarded with a portion of mined Dash.
A masternode is profitable and less expensive to run compared to mining. To run a masternode you will need 1000 Dash collateral and some other stuff stated here in our guide. Running a masternode also helps improve transaction times and provide a more secured environment to the Dash network.

For those who cannot raise all the 1000 Dash, A shared Masternode is a more realistic alternative. There is currently no fixed system with contracts and all that but Masternode service providers Masternode.me and Splawiks shared masternodes provide this service.

Remember entering a shared masternode is based on trust only since there are no legal agreements or anything of that sort. Shop around, google and once you’ve done your research you can invest together with confidence. Site where you can run your masternode:

Make a Website to Earn Dash
If you can create premium digital content then you could earn some Dash from that. There are Advertising networks that pay Dash and several affiliate programs that will help you generate some revenue from  your site. Here are some great ad networks and affiliate programs

  • DashAD
  • Also check the faucets above. Most have affiliate programs

Earn Dash on Social Media 
You could earn Dash through tips on social media. With social media you don’t need a website all you have to do is share amazing content, develop a strong following and your tip jar may overflow.

On sites like Twitter and Facebook you could earn through marketing. Sharing affiliate links and selling some space on your timeline. While on others like Reddit and Slack you can earn Dash through tips via Dash tipping bots. Yes, there is a Dash tipping bot on reddit and a tip bot on the the Dash unofficial slack.

Get a job that pays in Dash
This option is probably one of the more limited options on here. The most available method to earning dash this way would be to do some freelance work online and request to be paid in Dash. Currently there are no Dash job boards but instead you could share your service on the Dash forum.
Sell Stuff for Dash
If you have some stuff hanging around the house and you need some spare cash you could sell it for some Dash, but, since you can’t go to your traditional sites such as e-bay and Amazon yet to earn Dash, we have listed some alternatives for you. There aren’t many sites to sell your stuff for Dash yet. Here a few sites where you can sell for Dash:

Open BazaarHow to accept Dash on open bazaar

Noobie – Auction your products for Dash

Here a few merchant listing you should get your e-commerce sites on for exposure:

Dash Forum Merchants Listing – A community based listing of Dash merchants

Spend Dash– This is a new project that lists merchants in a more organized manner with location, service and category based listing.
Dash Broker

If you have capital you could buy enough volume of Dash set yourself as a broker in your locality. There may be no site for this at the moment but you could promote Dash in your locality and make some profits from selling some to your converted fellows.

d. If you bought $5,000 worth of gold today, the chances that it would be worth at least that much 100 years from now are, historically speaking, quite good.
This is perhaps the most amazing thing about Bitcoin: it’s the culmination of 5,000 years’ worth of financial innovation. Humanity has finally come up with something that is, at least on paper, better than good old gold.


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